Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013! Our New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Celebration

Happy 2013 everyone! This is another photo overload post! Two weeks before New Year's Eve, I suggested to have a camping themed celebration to make it more fun for the kids since we owned 2 kiddie tents. We didn't have much preparation. I changed the list of food we were supposed to prepare for New Year's Eve. The easiest camping food to prepare I had in mind were S'mores, hotdogs and grilled corn. I made the food tags 2 days before the celebration. We ditched using sparklers this year. All we used were colorful flashing sticks, lightsaber toys and party trumpets. We stayed up till  past 1 AM!

 I turned this table into a kiddie tent to accommodate the kids...

and the kid at heart!


 I used melted chocolate to stick the teddy grahams to the marshmallows.

Credits:  food tag cliparts from, all-free-download, cliparts101

 Camping just isn't the same without s'mores!

 BBQ Grill cupcakes baked by sis


gummy snakes, pretzel sticks and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar

 Aside from grilled corn, the kids had steamed corn

 gummy worms with crushed oreos

 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors, gummy fish

 Trying to catch a fish in the pond

a plastic fish is easier to catch!

 lotsa junk food!

 hotdog fixings

 footlong hotdogs

 BBQ Chicken Packets prepared by sis

Yema cake from my cousin

 waiting for the clock to strike 12!

 enjoying S'mores till night!

 Painting with light

 playing with lightsaber toys and enjoying glowing lollipops

 Greeted 2013 by blowing party trumpets!

watched fireworks

We had a simple New Year's day celebration. The kids had a blast with the parlour games!

 Sun Ripened Mixed Fruits ( I didn't like the taste of this!)

 Pasta and Garlic breadsticks

 Tacos ( I forgot to take a photo of the shredded lettuce!)

 Pizza dip, focaccia and pretzels prepared by sis

I made a few Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes for the kids

 Kid friendly Sangria


We had 2 pabitins. One for the big kids and one for the small kids.

 Basagan ng Palayok

The kids had to blow the flour in order to find the hidden coins. Whoever gets the 3 coins first using  her mouth wins the game.

 We ended our New Year celebration with an icing fight! Ykaie was crying because she thought it was poop! lol!

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