Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dads, Kamayan and Saisaki, West Avenue Q.C.- The Ultimate Buffet

Before my Aunt left for California, she treated us to a wondeful dinner at Dads, Kamayan, and Saisaki. When it comes to buffet dining, our first choice will always be these restaurants because the price is not only reasonable but they  also offer 3 great buffets in one: Dads for Continental fare, Kamayan for authentic Filipino cuisine and Saisaki for Japanese specialties. I've dined at the other 2 branches (Megamall and Glorietta) but so far the branch at West Avenue is my favorite! The customer service is very impressive! The staffs were very attentive and they make their rounds to ask the customers what more they want from the buffet  so they can get and serve them. A staff overheard my Aunt wanting more lechon so he got some for her. I didn't experience this kind gestures from the 2 other branches. My 3 nieces were charged as one for half the price. They raided the ice cream section and chocolate fondue! I didn't take much pictures of the food but there were more than 200 buffet choices.

Dad's Ultimate Buffet( Includes Kamayan and Saisaki)
Lunch (Mon-Thursday)-P595
Lunch ( Fri-Sun)-P695
Dinner (Mon-Sun)P695
Children below 4ft-P290
Toddler- free of charge

Kamayan Buffet only
Lunch and Dinner ( Mon-Sun)-P415
Children below 4ft-P225

Saisaki Buffet only
Children below 4ft-P265

Carving Station: Roast beef, Dad's Ham

                                                                       Roast Turkey






Some of Kamayan's Authentic Filipino food

Some of the food I devoured!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seriland- Trick Art Museum and 3D Theater

Last year sis and I took my 3 nieces to Seriland  and because they love posing for the camera, we went back again with some of my cousins and other nieces as well. Seriland's regular Entrance fee is P150/ attraction. I purchased a voucher from Beeconomic which cost P540 (1,800 value) for 6 people which was good for 2 main attractions.The Trick Art Museum  features new art paintings particularly filipiniana themed paintings creating illusions of depth and 3 dimensionality. The kids enjoyed interacting with the paintings though they  actually look flat in person. You will only see the 3D effect when you view the photos.  The kids got tired and hungry so we went for a snack at Pancake house before proceeding to the next attraction which was the 3D cinema plus.

We also went to SM MOA by the Bay Amusement Park for some kiddie rides.Three of my nieces tried the Wow Balls where they had to get inside this huge inflatable balls  and be able to walk on water without getting wet. They got all sweaty when they got out of the balls. They said it was too hot inside.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spontaneous Get Together

Sis and I were enjoying eating deep fried liempo and crispy binagoongan when I blurted out that we should have a "baboy bonding" session with the gang sometime. lol! She was laughing at me but was open to the idea. One boring sunday we decided to visit my aunt and cousins in Novaliches. I sent my cousin a text message to get ready coz the gang will be coming over to their house for a filipino style picnic lunch. Since the picnic was spontaneous, we weren't able to stick with "everything pig related food". I know it wasn't very healthy so sis and I took xenical after consuming these fatty food to clear our digestive system from all the pork impurities! lol!  Besides, we don't do this very often. Foods were served on banana leaves and we all ate using our bare hands! The next day, I told sis that next time we should get together for a bacon buffet lunch! Weeeee!

Grilled liempo, Sinantol,  deep fried batok ng baboy, binagoongan ang mangoes, eggplants and okras, salted eggs with tomatoes, chicharong baboy with laman, boiled shrimps, fruits and assorted condiments

A popular filipino refreshment- Sago at Gulaman

The kids enjoyed eating with their bare hands!

Last man standing!

I snapped some photos of the kids after a hearty lunch.

Friday, September 7, 2012

San Diego Restaurant, Peninsula de Punta Fuego

  A complimentary buffet breakfast was included in our stay. Food was good and beautifully presented. I didn't take much photos due to poor lighting condition and in the morning, the formation of mist on my camera lens was causing blurry shots. 

        Here are pictures of the food we devoured during our stay. We were just supposed to have coffee and some pastries but when we saw the array of food served for dinner, we couldn't help but avail the buffet dinner for P650/person. Ykaie got a free meal!

Macaroni salad

Shrimp Cocktail

Cajun Salmon

Garden Fresh Salad

My dinner plates

Pampano, chinese chicken with lemon grass, sauteed veggies, braised beef in red wine sauce, pasta

Buffet breakfast

Omelette station

My breakfast plates

Champorado and congee- Yes I was carb overloading! lol!

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