Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Porta Verde Resort, Cavinti Laguna ( Part 1 of 3)

This was another groupon deal we availed for Php5,280 per night for 6 people. Children under 10 years old are free of charge. ( maximum of 2 children) We stayed at Porta Verde resort for 3 days and 2 nights to celebrate the birthdays of my niece and cousin. We were assigned to stay in Duhat Lanai Suite that has a fully air conditioned room with 2 single beds, one queen size bed, a day bed, sofa bed and en suite bathroom. The kitchenette leads to a spacious covered lanai providing a picturesque view of the pool and lake. I have so many photos to share that's why I divided this into 3 separate posts.

 The package includes the following perks:
 Free use of kitchen facilities (No corkage fee on food)
 Use of Infinity pool ( lake view), Jacuzzi and kiddie pool
 Free wireless internet connection
 Free lake tour via motorized boat
 Free kayaking

We stayed at the bottom part of this structure.

Our room

I slept on the sofa bed

                                                                      Day bed

kitchenette and dining area

View from the dining area

Jacuzzi, infinity pool and small kiddie pool

                                 We were the only ones swimming that time!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wilton Animal Pals 50 piece Cutter Set- Bento Challenge Part 1

It's back to school time once again so I've been  packing cute snacks for  my nieces to take to school. Two of my nieces ( my brother's daughters) are living with us  for the moment so I have to prepare 3 snacks a day. My sister  is the one who gives them a bath, dresses them in school uniforms and takes them to school which is just walking distance  from our house.
The moment I spotted this Wilton Animal Pals 50 piece cutter set at Landmark, I purchased it right away thinking it would be perfect for making cute snack bentos. My challenge is to unleash my creativity  making 50 cute snacks using these cookie cutter set for my nieces's bentos. Friends and relatives loved  My Sandwich Maker snack bentos using cutters that come with animal face imprint molds. The Wilton Animal cutter is more challenging to use since I'll be the one adding details to the sandwiches. For this batch, I used edible googly eyes, nori, melted chocolate and americolor gourmet writer to add details.

Shapes include angel fish, alligator, bat, bear, bee, bird, brontosaurus, butterfly, cow, caterpillar, crab, cat, camel, duck,dove, dog, duckling, dolphin, eagle, elephant, flamingo, fish, frog, giraffe, gorilla, horse, hippopotamus, kangaroo, lion, lizard, owl, octopus, penguin, panther, pig, pterodactyl, rabbit, rooster, rhinocerus, seahorse, seal, squirrel, stegosaurus, sheep, snake, shark, T-rex, turkey, turtle, whale

 bear shaped chocolate chiffon cake, quail eggs, grapes, apples, Teddy Grahams, baby carrots, Pocky strawberry coated biscuit sticks

 whale shaped purple yam sandwich, pretzels, cheese stick, grape, strawberry, kiwi, york pieces peppermint flavored dark chocolate

 fish shaped nutella sandwich, baby carrots and ranch dressing, grapes, raspberries and  goldfish smores

 fish crackers, fish shaped chicken hotdog, bananas, orange, marshmallows, chocolate fish biscuit, angel fish shaped chiffon cake

 bee shaped cheese, hershey's milk chocolate drops, green apples, blueberries, chocolate filled biscuits

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center

Before heading back home, we dropped by Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center which is located  just a short walk from Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel. Father Joseph Faller, a highly gifted and anointed instrument of God regularly conducts healing masses for physical, emotional and spriritual healing. A mass was being held when we got there but we were not able to attend coz we just went there for a quick ocular visit  since we still have to pack our things before checking out of Batis Aramin. One has to climb more than 200  steps to reach the top of the hill where the Risen Christ statue is situated. We didn't climb up to the top because the kids were already getting grumpy and tired. I think we were just able to reach 50 steps when we decided to descend back down to the ground. One of the main attractions is the replica of Noah's Ark and the animals which the kids really loved.

Adam and Eve

 Noah's Ark


Friday, June 8, 2012

Batis Aramin Adventure Camp

Aside from enjoying swimming in the pools and bamboo rafting, we also enjoyed  some of the  activities at the adventure camp. We  tried wall climbing, rappelling and the 150 meter zip line. Rope course, obstacle course and  biking trail are also available. Having a slight fear of heights, the zip line course is great for a  first timer like me since it is not set up with a steep incline. We availed the unlimited activity package but I've only tried wall climbing once since I was having a hard time going further up the wall. After a tiring but fun activity, we had an early dinner at Palaisdaan Restaurant.  It took them so long to serve our food when in fact there weren't too many customers that time! Food was ok, nothing really special. We should have brought  an insect repellent since the restaurant was a bit mosquito infested! Argh!

Batis Aramin Adventure Camp Rates
Single activity- P150
Unlimited activity- P250






                  Rappelling with sis


This was the furthest I could go up without falling! yeah loser! lol  Cousin Rome was ahead of me and he almost reached the top but it became too tiring for him so he gave up

It was already dark and our food was still nowhere in sight. I didn't bother to take pictures of the food since I was already too famished to do so.

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