Friday, April 27, 2012

Elmolina Beach Resort, Subic

Just 30 minutes drive from my cousin's home in Subic is a small but well maintained beach resort called Elmolina Beach. She brought us here for an overnight stay then left for Manila since she had to attend an important meeting. I can say that I truly enjoyed our stay here more than in Potipot Island! We got an A/C room for Php 3,500 which can accommodate 5 people.

I love this cute "stick your face" standee! These are my cousins.

Ykaie riding a boat

Cottages can be rented for Php1,000

Snacks that I purchased from Royal Subic.

Playing lifeguards

just goofing around

Home cooked lunch was delivered to us. We had fried chicken, Pork adobo, spaghetti, steamed rice,squash bread and coke.

We rented a tent thinking we could sleep in here but it was too hot and uncomfortable!

The 10 of us ended up squeezing ourselves into one small room. I hope the owner of the resort won't be able to read this! lol! Such chaos but fun!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Potipot Island, Candelaria Zambales

My cousin suggested that we celebrate her daughter's birthday by visiting Potipot Island which is 2 hours away from their home in Subic. We had to ride a boat to get to the island and it only took 8 minutes to reach it. We paid Php500 for the boat ride that can carry 7 people. ( back and forth trip) Entrance fee is Php100 and Php300 for an overnight stay. The island is not well developed yet. There is no electricity and source of water comes from a hand operated water pump. We were all excited to explore the island but it was such a disappointment to find out that the surroundings were quite dirty. The fact that they ask for an entrance fee, the caretakers should maintain cleanliness around the area. Some people even leave their garbage expecting someone to clean up for them. Nobody even cared to rake up and remove all the fallen leaves scattered around the place. You won't notice it in the pictures as I had picked out the best place to take photos while we were exploring the whole island. All tables and cottages were already occupied so we just settled under a shaded tree. The kids couldn't wait to dip in the water. Surprisingly, the water is very clean and clear! Potipot is a beautiful island. There are lots of nice spots for photo ops but sad to say it is poorly maintained. It's not worth it to come to Potipot if you are from Manila or somewhere farther. It will take 6-7 hours travel to just get disappointed when you arrive. Maybe in the future when Potipot is already well developed and the caretakers can properly do their job.

Here you can see Potipot Island in the background.

No more table for us so we just lounged under a shady tree.

Eating roast chicken, sweet and sour fish, spicy chicken wings and taiwanese sausage.

Island girl

Clean and crystal clear water

We found a dead tree!

My cousin and niece.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lunch at Clawdaddy's Crab House and American Grill

This is just a quick post before I leave tomorrow for our swimming trip in Zambales. Hope to visit your blogs as soon as I get back on Sunday.

We dropped by Eton Centris Walk one sunday afternoon to explore the place and check out the Sunday market. I had a fab lunch date with my siblings, nieces and cousin at Clawdaddy's Crab House and American Grill! Clawdaddy is famous for their crab specialties and of course we had to try their seafood boil. I enjoyed everything except for the the typhoon shelter deep fried crab which was a bit dry and there was way too much toasted garlic which we weren't able to consume everything. The kids loved their meals as they were served in a very cute paper cars. They were able to take them home. After a great feast, the kids had an enjoyable time in the playground, carousel and riding the kiddie train going around the complex.

Chicken Tenders (P230)- Cornflakes crusted chicken tender strips with freedom fries and honey mustard dip

Little Fisherman's Plate (P235)- calamari rings, fish and chips shrimp popcorn with tartar sauce, vinegar and ketchup

Fried Boston wings (P325)

Clawdaddy's Famous seafood boil (P1,780)- a seafood feast of crab, pacific lobster, fresh water prawns, mussels, clams, Andouille sausage, corn on the cob and baby potatoes simmered in old bay broth

Oysters Rockefeller (P345)- Baked oysters topped with spinach, bacon, cream and parmesan

Shrimp Penne Pesto (P385)- Penne pasta, gambas with creamy pesto sauce

Dirty Rice (P65)

Boston Clam chowder (P159)- hearty cream based soup with fresh clams, potatoes, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese

Typhoon Shelter Deep Fried Crab (P1,120)- not worth the price!

Lemonade and Heavenly Blueberry (P115)

Hyper kids!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Shopping Galore

Hello summer! It's once again time to have some fun in the sun, sand and sea! Yes, summer is officially here and I've been shopping like crazy for cute little swimsuits! We are so ready to hit the beach next week! We'll go to this white sandy beach in Zambales to celebrate my niece's birthday. And then on the first week of May, we'll have a relaxing and luxurious tropical island beach getaway in Marinduque with just 5 of us including me, my cousin Rome, my sister, her husband and their daughter Ykaie. We are all excited for this trip! Ykaie will start her swimming lessons on the 16th. I so wanted to join her. lol! Up to now I still don't know how to swim so I guess I'll just go splash in the water, frolic in the sun, build a sand castle, watch the sunset, get a tan, and pose for the cam. heehee!

I had a hard time photographing the toys because little rascals kept on picking up each of them. They can't wait to get their hands on their new toys so I gave each one of them a bubble toy to play with after the photoshoot.

Obsessed with cute little swimsuits!

I love this color combo!

2 piece boyleg and Tweety rash guard

One piece boyleg swimsuits

Ykaie's Barbie Aqua shoes for our Marinduque trip.

Inflatable pool floats

Hair accessories

Water guns

Wind up toys

Beach toys and 2 liters of bubble solution

Bubble sets

Bubble Ice cream bars and frisbee flying disc

Happy nieces!

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