Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Villa Bienvenida Beach Resort -White Beach, Puerto Galera

We were supposed to go to Puerto Galera in April of this year but because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that time, my relatives backed out. I could no longer refund the down payment for the rooms I reserved. The caretaker of the resort asked me to just reschedule our trip and I just thought it would be better if we go in November just in time for Ykaie's birthday. We stayed at Villa Bienvenida Beach Resort ( aka HSL Beach Resort) which was formerly known as Lagundian Beach Resort. Did I confuse you? lol! When I reserved for our rooms it was still HSL/Lagundian so I was surprised to see they changed the name of the resort. Anyway, I got lots of pictures to share that's why I made 3 posts about our Puerto Galera getaway.

Coffee break at dreamwave restaurant

On our way to Tamaraw Beach Resort -We decided to go to the neighboring resort which was about 10 minute walk from White beach. We had to climb up more or less 70 steps before reaching this road. The stairs were a bit steep!

Yay! We made it!! Ready... set... pose!

White beach is definitely more bigger than Tamaraw beach resort but it is a much peaceful place!

The resort has a playground for kids.

There's no entrance fee coming here. You can roam around and take pictures to your heart's desire just like what we did. lol!

Going through the boulders is the quickest way to get to tamarraw beach from white beach but since we got 2 kids in tow, we chose to take the road path

On our last day, we had lunch at Pizerria Ristorante Ciao Italia before heading back home. Notice the stairs to our right? That was where we climbed up going to Tamarraw beach and to our left was the route going through the boulders.

Waiting for our food

The owner is Italian who makes good pizza!

Food here is expensive but the place has a nice view of the beach.

Going home-Boat ride takes 1 1/2 hrs from White Beach to Batanggas Port. We paid Php530 for a roundtrip transfer including the terminal fee and environmental fee.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Puerto Galera Inland Tour

On our second day in Puerto Galera, we went on an inland tour to Tamaraw falls, Ponderosa and Mangyan village. It was another celebration since this was the actual birthday of Ykaie (Nov.19) The tour cost was Php2,000 courtesy of my sister ( Ykaie's Mom). We bought a pot of rice from the resort where we were staying then the tour guide dropped us off at the market so we could buy some fruits and seafoods to take to the falls for our picnic lunch. He grilled the seafoods for us.

Tamaraw Falls

Swimming area for adults

below is the swimming area for the kids

I never thought I would take a dip in the water since I didn't bring extra clothes. But the water looks inviting! I needed to buy a shirt afterwards. Nope, I didn't change undies. lol! Oh well, I wasn't the only one!

The water was cold!

Ykaie I assure you next year you'll have a real birthday cake!

We had grilled squid, prawns, tilapia and liempo.

Our next stop was at Ponderosa Golf Club. I love the scenic view here!

Overlooking Puerto Galera

Mangyan Village- we were not able to explore the village since 2 of my realtives needed to use the restroom. We just took a few pictures then went straight back to the resort.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Beach Luau Birthday Party

Ykaie just turned 4 and we celebrated her birthday in Puerto Galera. Sis and I helped each other in preparing the party food. The moment we arrived we already prepared the food since it was almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon. No birthday cake for her but I made some beach luau themed sugar cookies and assembled them in a tray filled with brown sugar. I just then added a candle and it served as a replacement for her birthday cake. A cousin and a niece were not able to join us but It was such a fun celebration though there were just 7 of us!

Everything was already cooked when we brought them all the way from Manila.

Bacon wrapped pineapple bites

Pineapple tarts

Hawaiian Fruit Skewers

Mini chocolate cupcakes

Pineapple cream cheese spread and crackers- Sis made this one together with the soy ginger porkchops and aloha burgers

Soy ginger porkchop with pineapple salsa

Sodas in hula skirts.  Here's how I made them- DIY Grass Skirt and Drink Hula Skirts

Beach Luau themed birthday cookie tray

My plate

I made 4 palm tree shaped sugar cookies and only 1 survived the travel but then Ykaie tried to picked it out from the tray and it broke into 2 pieces. You can see the dead palm tree cookie laying on the sand. Poor cookie!

Happy 4th birthday!

ang laki ng tyan! lol!

with her tita- Godmother Rome

Group shot

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sis and I took the the kids to Seri Fantasy World which is located at the second level of the Manila Ocean Park. Attractions include Trick Art Museum, Mirror Maze, 3D Cinema plus, and Kid's Paradise. Admission fee for each attraction is Php150. Children 3 years old and below are free of charge. We picked out Trick Art Museum and Mirror maze among the attractions. Trick art Museum is a gallery of 3D Art freehand painted by famous korean artists. Parts of the painting are popping out of the frame and shadows are painted to create optical illusion. Lots of fun photo opportunities though kinda tiring for the kids staying put and retaining proper position. In Mirror Maze, you'll see several reflections of yourself in every directions. Your goal is to find your way out.

My sister and nieces getting drunk! lol!

I'm not sure why my niece in red loves posing this way! hehe!

Another one of her favorite pose!

Please scroll down for more photos.

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