Friday, October 28, 2011

Ghost and Pumpkin Themed Halloween Party

Last Sunday I threw a halloween party for my nieces. They've all been looking forward to this celebration for they will be able to dress up in their favorite halloween costume, play games and get a lot of halloween goodies! Everyone was excited even the adults. I prepared everything! It was tiring but all worth it seeing the happy faces of my nieces. I have never experienced this as a child since halloween is not a popular celebration in the Philippines way back. Hopefully my nieces will grow up with fond memories of this fun celebration. Everyone enjoyed the party!

Here are some of the party snacks I prepared.

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Pops and Pumpkin Rice Krispie treats- I used marshmallow fondant and tootsie rolls for the details

Ghost Pops

Pumpkin Roll Ups- tomato and basil tortilla filled with bacon spread, bacon bits and cheese

Halloween Chips and Dips- Tostitos Salsa con queso and garlic sour cream dip. I used nori for the eyes and mouth.

Linguini Pasta Negra- Linguini in Squid ink sauce

Ghosts in the Graveyard Pudding cups- Recipe here

Ghost Punch- Orange juice and white jelly. I used black gel food color to stain the jelly for the eyes and mouth.

Popcorn Party Mix- The cardboard cones are actually party hats included in the halloween loot bag set I used last year.

Chocolate covered cherry mice- hershey's kisses+cherries+ almond slices

Assorted halloween chocolates

Ghost lollipops, chocolate eyeballs and fangs

Game Prizes and Giveaways

I couldn't seem to capture a good group photo of them where everyone is looking at the cam!

Halloween Party Games- balloon popping and pin the smile on the Jack O'Lantern

Their most favorite halloween party game which they also played last year: halloween bingo! (Printables here) Long nosed cousin hosted it! lol!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghosts in the Graveyard Pudding Cups

We had an early halloween party yesterday since the kids will go trick or treating at the mall on the 31st. I'd like to share how I made one of the snacks I prepared for my nieces's Halloween Party.

For the ghost sugar cookies, I used the recipe when I made the Frankenstein Sugar Cookie Pops last year. This is a good recipe for a small batch of cookies.


1 pkg. JELL-O Chocolate Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling
ghost sugar cookies
chocolate pieces
crushed Oreos
chocolate rocks- silver nuggets


Prepare pudding as directed on the package- I made this more chocolatey by adding melted chocolate.
Spoon into cups.
Place in the refrigerator until set.

How to assemble the graveyard pudding cups:

Insert the toothpicks while the cookies are still hot

I baked and iced the ghost sugar cookies 2 days before the party.

Royal Icing mix I used. Just add water.

Insert ghost sugar cookies in the middle of the pudding just before serving. Sprinkle crushed oreos then arange choco rocks all the way around.

I made a fenced graveyard using cardboards and illustration board.

So cute!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Shadow Puppets

Last month a strong typhoon hit Philippines which caused widespread power outages. Heavy rains have submerged some areas. We had no electricity for 2 days and we were so bored! We did a lot of fun things to keep my 3 nieces entertained. The kids watched movies until the portable CD player ran out of batteries, my sister and I whipped up some party snacks for a brownout inspired party, we had candlelit early dinner then told the kids spooky stories before going to sleep. These were some of the activities we did on the first day. I never expected we would wake up with the power still out. The kids were getting cranky! What else can we possibly do? Partyholic nieces wanted another party. No way! lol!

What better way to keep 3 bored kiddos entertained during brownouts than to put on a halloween shadow puppet show! These halloween shadow puppets are intetended for our halloween party but since we couldn't think of anything more to do, I just brought them out to put on a show. I made up a scary story and to make them more amused, I incorporated their names in the story which made the youngest one squeal. lol! This experience brings back good old memories when I used to make shadow puppets and put on a show for a profit. Yep! Playmates and friends were willing to pay just to watch the show! hehehe! Those were the days when I was in grade school.

I used orange fabric for the screen.

Here's how I set up our mini shadow puppet theatre

Bored kids no more!

I cut out halloween characters and attached the wooden bbq stick to the cutout pieces using hot glue.

I used 2 flashlights and a candle to illuminate the setting.

I used double sided tape to keep large pieces in place like this spider web.

When the show ended, each of them took turns in putting their own halloween shadow puppet show. They made up funny scary stories!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Sandwich Maker for Ykaie's Snack Bentos

This is another great find to jazz up Ykaie's snack bentos! My sister spotted this sandwich maker at Toy Kingdom and I purchased it right away. It can make 7 cute shaped sandwiches. I find the roller a bit hard to use so I just disasembled it and used the template to press out cat and dog shaped sandwiches. Ykaie enjoys having sandwiches cut into animal shapes. Her favorite filling is nutella. I also made some googly eyes using royal icing. The sandwiches look cuter with the googly eyes!

My Sandwich Maker

7 Designs- cat, dog ( not shown in the photo) pig, bear, lion, cow and heart

Dog Bento- cherries, kiwis, apple, choco crunchies, dog shaped peanutbutter sandwich, quail egg dog, dried and roasted veggies

Bear bento- bear shaped chocolate sandwich, dried blueberries, mango cubes, candies, chocolate drink

Pig Bento- pig shaped nutella sandwich, chocolate covered cookie, dried apples, grapes, strawberry

Cow Bento- cow shaped nutella sandwich, corn skewers, grapes, cookies, apple

Cat bento- corn kernels, pomelo, cat shaped peanutbutter sandwich, chocolate treat, corn churvah

Lion Bento- orange, apple, colby jack cheese, chocolate, lion shaped cheez spread sandwich, grapes

Heart bento- mango, umbrella shaped apple, strawberry, disney princess chocolate treat, babybel cheese, fruit roll ups, heart shaped peanutbutter sandwich

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Acorn Doughnuts and Pumpkin Brownie Pops

I made Acorn doughnuts and pumpkin brownie pops with caramel dip for my nieces' Autumn themed tea party hosted by my sister. The recipe for Acorn doughnuts is from Disney family fun website. For the brownie pops, I used store bought brownies and caramel pudding. ( Yeah I was lazy and I wanted to do it the easy way! :P ) You can check out the tea party here.

Acorn Doughnuts

Doughnut holes
melted chocolate ( you can use peanutbutter or nutella)
crushed nuts

Shape the doughnut holes into acorns by giving them a gentle squeeze then dip a third in melted chocolate. Roll in crushed nuts then stick a pretzel for the stem. Easy peasy!

Acorn Doughnuts

Pumpkin brownie pops with caramel dip

I used a pumpkin cookie cutter to cut out shapes then I inserted lolly sticks into the brownies

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