Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lunch And Dinner at a Local Restaurant in Shenzen, China

Our package tour includes an overnight stay at Gorgeous Fad Hotel in Shenzhen, China. Our tour guide in Shenzhen picked us up and brought us to this Chinese Restaurant for lunch before we proceeded to the compulsory City tour. I won't elaborate about the city tour coz it wasn't interesting at all. The lunch was included in the package. There was an optional tour to Window of the World on our own account. ( I'll make a separate post about this tour.) Each of us paid US$45 inclusive of dinner. We were brought to the same Chinese restaurant for dinner. Food was ok but poor customer service! After dinner we were given an hour to shop before heading to our hotel.

Cousin Rome

Sis, her hubby and Ykaie

Some of the food we had for lunch and dinner

An hour isn't enough to go shopping!

I bought these goodies from the mini grocery just beside our Hotel

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ngong Ping 360

After our half day City tour, we headed to Ngong Ping 360 to see the Tian Tan Buddha statue and other attractions. We had 2 options going to Ngong Ping Village either by cable car or bus. My cousins wanted to ride the cable car but I was scared coz it was a 30 minute ride going to Ngong Ping. Cable car ride was under maintenance that day so we had no choice but to ride the bus.( Yay!) It was just the 4 of us who decided to ascend 268 steps in order to see the Giant Buddha up close. I was carrying the tripod and camera. It was tiring but well worth it. The scenic view was splendid! We were not able to see other attractions coz it was already getting dark. We decided to just go back to Disneyland to celebrate Cousin Rome's birthday at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Bus ride was 45 minutes from Ngong Ping Village then we took the MTR going to disneyland. (10 min. ride)

Mickey Mouse train

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Crystal Lotus Restaurant

Wishing my beautiful cousin Rome more success and happiness! yah!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hong Kong City Tour: Avenue of Stars, Sampan Tour Point

When we got back to the hotel from our Disneyland adventure, we strolled around looking for a restaurant. We had a hard time communicating with the Hong Kong Chinese as most of them do not speak english. The menu was in Chinese and there were very few dishes written in english. I had to point at the food the lady on the next table was eating; " like that, like that" I told the waitress. LOL! Sis was asking for a spoon and fork but the waitress couldn't understand. We had to eat using chopsticks. The next morning we had breakfast before our half day compulsory City tour. Yes it was compulsory coz we availed a discounted package tour and one has to join the tour weather he likes it or not. Avenue of Stars and Sampan ride were ok but then the tour guide also brought us to this jewelry factory and a store that sells local products. It was a waste of time since we were not interested in buying pricey stuffs. I think the tour guide gets commission from those establishments. After the City tour, the tour bus dropped us off at Tsim Sha Tsui for some shopping. We told the tour guide we had other plans and that we just wanted to get dropped off at our hotel. He told us he will just show the way to get to our hotel since the bus stops there. So we followed him, together with another group going to Macau for a day tour. He asked our group to wait for him coz he had to get tickets for the other group going to Macau. But then he left us without saying a word where in the hell was the way going back to our hotel. We asked the other group (also filipinos) where the tour guide was. They said he left after getting tickets for them. I wanted to kick his butt! Grrrr! We just looked for a cab so we can get back to our hotel. Good thing sis has this card that she got from the hotel counter. It was a card for ease of communication to show cab drivers when you get lost. Instruction was written in chinese telling the driver to take us to Dorsett Far East Hotel. We paid HK$ 83 for the fare. That concludes our half day City tour.

Looking for a restaurant

Having breakfast

Breakfast buffet

My plate

At the entrance of Dorsett far East Hotel

Statue of Bruce Lee

Handprints of Jackie Chan

We paid HK$50 each for the ride

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

We are back from our Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China trip! We stayed at Dorsett Far East Hotel. Though the room was clean and tidy, it was tiny and no enough space for our luggage. We went to Disneyland on the first day. After checking into our hotel room, we just changed clothes then took the MTR going to Disneyland. Travel time was 30 minutes. Food sold inside the park is quite expensive and so is the water. They don't allow to bring in snacks but I was able to sneak in a few. We just replenished our water bottles at the drinking fountains. I was quite surprised to find that the theme park is not that huge. Nevertheless, we had the best time! Fireworks display was spectacular! We were in the front row so I was able to capture beautiful fireworks pictures.

Waiting for our room key

Awesome 4D movie!

We didn't mind the long queue just to have our pictures taken with Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Goofy.

Flights of Fantasy parade

Bought a Minnie Mouse mug souvenir for myself

Tin Can purses filled with chocolate crunch for my nieces and a tin can box filled with sesame seed cookies for my Mom

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