Friday, November 19, 2010

Preparing for Ykaie's Tinkerbell themed birthday party 2

Making Candy fairy wands and Pixie dust

Are you familiar with Crazy dips lollipops? They are foot shaped lollies that you dip in this flavored powdered sugar with popping candy. Inspired by crazy dips, I made Candy fairy wands and pixie dust. Since I was having a hard time finding star shaped candy molds, I just improvised. I used aluminum trays and a star shaped cookie cutter in making the molds.

I dyed some bamboo skewers with food coloring . The next day I washed them under running water then dried them out in preheated toaster oven for 2-3 minutes .

Aluminum tray candy molds

I didn't cook up a whole batch of candy since I would only be making 7 pieces. I just crushed different flavors of hard candies.

I placed in the preheated toaster oven for 3-5 minutes until fully melted. Some oozed out but I just scraped them off with a knife.

Strawberry and grape flavored lollipop dips

Sugar + sugar = Sugar high! lol!jelir Hey, every child deserves some sweet treats once in a while! I only put 1 tsp of kool aid and 2 small packets of popping candy in each plastic bag.

I also made some candy ladybugs.

Sis has no idea what I will come up with these yet. She calls them ladybug skewers. lol!

Done baking the cookies! I inserted the bamboo skewers while the cookies were still hot. These are Fairy wand cookies. I'll be baking the cupcakes tomorrow night and frost them on Sunday morning.

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supermommyjem said...

Wow! Ykaie is very lucky to have this yummy sweety delicious treat from her very creative Tita. Happy Birthday to your niece!

Alice Law said...

These are superb! Thanks for the ideas, and now I now what to make with my little girl!^-^

Enjoy your party and have a wonderful weekend!

♥peachkins♥ said...

echusera ka kasi..may pa-secret secret pa...

J said...

You are so creative, Anney! I love visiting your blog!

Tine said...

pwede palang i-oven un? astig naman!!! ang galeng mo talaga te anney... :D

elpi said...

you really rock the world of your kids.

stevevhan said...

ooooooooh, even an old guy like me wants to get into childhood because of these cutie stuffs and very yummy lollipops you have!

LHEY said...

Panalo talaga sa ideas si anney!!! :))

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wah! Sana talaga naging tiyahin kita para nagkaroon ako ng astig na birthday parties noong bata pa ako. ^_^

bingkee said...

Galing....cute na , masarap pa....hehehe

eden said...

So creative mo,Anney. Bilib talaga ako sa iyo..

poorprince said...

how cute yumm yummm
nice one annie

kool aid is my favorite juice brand lol

i love that star candies really love it

Em said...

This is one of the reasons why I badly wanted to have an oven. Pag hindi kmi matuloy mag-migrate, that will be on top of my list :)

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