Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ykaie's Tinkerbell themed 3rd Birthday Party

Warning: Photo Overload!

The Party was such a success! Ykaie had a blast specially when it was time to open her gifts. She got what she had been asking for so long....a Baby Alive doll from her Mom and Dad! I got her a bathtub set, stroller and high chair for her new doll. My nephew who dressed as Peter pan hosted the party games. I made last minute costume for him.

Birthday girl

Ykaie's Tinkerbell birthday cake

Party foods for the lil fairies: Everything was homemade except for the star nuggets. The kids also had filipino style spaghetti.

Fairy Flower sandwiches

Lollipop Fairy Wands and Pixie Dust

Grape Skewers and Strawberry ladybugs ( I got the Strawberry ladybug idea from familyfun. I used melted chcocolate instead of chocolate chips for the spots)

Tinkerbell Star nuggets

Fairy Wand Cookies

Marshmallow Pops

Trail Mix ( Almonds, walnuts, raisins, pretzels, banana chips, green yoghurt chewy candies and m&ms)

Chocolate Flower pretzels

Oreo truffles ( Crushed oreos + cream cheese formed into balls and dipped in belgian chocolate)

Strawberry Jell-o fairy dreams

Adult party foods that sis prepared include Schublig Pesto Spaghetti, Steak Ciabatta sandwiches, Rice cakes, and Chicken nuggets.

Tinkerbell and Peter pan

Party games and activities for the kids ( Stick the Star on Tinkerbell's wand, Tinkerbell Bingo, Coloring contest ) Even sis joined in the fun! They were not able to paint plaster made ladybugs and butterflies coz they already wanted to play bingo. (Too excited for the game prizes!!)

The Fairies

Birthday presents

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Preparing for Ykaie's Tinkerbell themed birthday party 2

Making Candy fairy wands and Pixie dust

Are you familiar with Crazy dips lollipops? They are foot shaped lollies that you dip in this flavored powdered sugar with popping candy. Inspired by crazy dips, I made Candy fairy wands and pixie dust. Since I was having a hard time finding star shaped candy molds, I just improvised. I used aluminum trays and a star shaped cookie cutter in making the molds.

I dyed some bamboo skewers with food coloring . The next day I washed them under running water then dried them out in preheated toaster oven for 2-3 minutes .

Aluminum tray candy molds

I didn't cook up a whole batch of candy since I would only be making 7 pieces. I just crushed different flavors of hard candies.

I placed in the preheated toaster oven for 3-5 minutes until fully melted. Some oozed out but I just scraped them off with a knife.

Strawberry and grape flavored lollipop dips

Sugar + sugar = Sugar high! lol!jelir Hey, every child deserves some sweet treats once in a while! I only put 1 tsp of kool aid and 2 small packets of popping candy in each plastic bag.

I also made some candy ladybugs.

Sis has no idea what I will come up with these yet. She calls them ladybug skewers. lol!

Done baking the cookies! I inserted the bamboo skewers while the cookies were still hot. These are Fairy wand cookies. I'll be baking the cupcakes tomorrow night and frost them on Sunday morning.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Preparing for Ykaie's Tinkerbell themed birthday party 1

We are so busy preparing for Ykaie's Tinkerbell themed birthday party. It will just be a small and simple party for 7 little girls. I have been collecting Tinkerbell stuffs since last year. We had Ykaie's Tinkerbell costume custom made but didn't like the outcome. It was a disaster! I didn't bother to return it back. I just bought another fabric but was still looking for a good seamstress. I tried making Ykaie a Tinkerbell costume from an old shirt coz I needed to take some photos of her for the birthday invitation and banner layout I was going to make. They all liked the outcome and told me that Ykaie better use it for her birthday. I disapproved coz the shirt has prints on the front. I just turned it inside out so the prints won't be too conspicuous. It was also a bit short that Ykaie's underwear was showing. lol! Sis and cousin suggested that I just make the Tinkerbell costume myself so I bought a new green T-shirt. This time I made the length just right for her and the jagged edges a bit longer than the first one.

Tinkerbell invitation layout

Tinkerbell tarpaulin layout ( Tinkerbell birthday banner layout)

, tinkerbelle cupcake toppers

disastrous costume on the left and official Tinkerbell costume on the right

Tinkerbell Loot bags

Contents of each lootbag: Tinkerbell stickers, coloring book, jumbo pen

wallet, bounce balls, hairclips, light up flower bracelet, pencil, crayons, memo pad

placemat, string bag, tumbler

Mini treat bag contains butterfly and star earrings, bracelet, necklace clips, and some sweet treats ( Nerds, Ring pop and Melody pops)

Ykaie won't have a big cake but just a small round cake surrounded by cupcakes.
Sis wants a pink icing for the cupcakes but I'm still not sure which cupcake liners to use.

Plastic cups

I made these Butterfly straws

Tinkerbell spoons and forks

Flower mat, Food tags

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Someone is turning 3!

Ykaie is turning 3 on Nov 19 but will celebrate her bday on the 21st. It will be a Tinkerbell themed birthday party! She is so excited to be Tinkerbell! It will just be a small party and she'll celebrate it with 6 fairies. I made tutu skirts for the girls.

Ykaie modelling one of the fairy costumes

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