Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting ready for our next Summer Getaway

I bought some swimsuits and inflatable pool toys for our next summer getaway! We are planning to go to this beautiful resort in batangas or maybe in Puerto Galera. I love spending time on the beach. I am delighted to feel the grainy sand under my bare feet, love to build sand castles, go sunbathing, or just simply watch the beauty of the sea while relaxing. Can't wait to go swimming again!
It is a great stress reliever and energizer.

cute bikini sets ( not mine lol! )

cool sunglasses

inflatable pool chair with cup holder

kiddie inflatable boat and lifesaver

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Manila Zoo/ Kinder Zoo

Here are some photos taken last week when we visited Manila Zoo. Entrance fee is Php40 for adults and Php20 for children below 4ft. Admission fee is inexpensive but I think the main zoo needs a lot of improvement. So saddened to see that many of the animals are kept in poor condition.
Inside the premises is a petting Zoo called Kinder Zoo where everyone can interact with the animals and take photos with them but you have to pay another fee which is Php65. The zoo keepers were very accommodating. My nieces had fun playing with some of the animals.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amana Waterpark Resort, Pandi Bulacan

We had a great time yesterday at Amana Waterpark Resort located in Pandi, Bulacan. Amana has 3,500 sq.m. wave pool and a 500 sq.m. kiddie pool with life size Dragon ball characters. Aside from the life size characters , other attractions include horseback riding, picnic grove, 40 ft. man made waterfalls, and a Cave type restaurant. Entrance fee is Php250 for adults and Php200 for children below 4 ft. There are 2 pools with slides and a boating area that are still under construction.
They don't turn the wave generator on on weekdays unless you come in groups of 50. A staff informed us that there was a school field trip scheduled that day and that they would turn the wave generator on once they arrived. We were waiting the whole day but the students arrived when it was time for us to leave. waaaaaaaanangihnangih Sad to say we were not able to experience the 13 waves. sedih Maybe next time. But we definitely had a fun experience after all!

kiddie pool

inside Shrek's house

Boating area under construction

Wave pool

Group shot with cousins and nieces before going home

More pictures here: Amana Waterpark Getaway 2011

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