Sunday, May 17, 2009

8 Things...

Thank you Rose of Rose's Obstacles and Glories and Vic of Vicky's Random Thoughts for this tag!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1.Barbeque night with friends from college
2.Swimming outing in Batangas next week
3.Buying a new cellphone.
4. Buying a tripod and camera lens
5.Food trip with sis
6.Ykaie's 2nd birthday party
7.Out of the country trip
8. What will happen in 2010

8 Things I Did Yesterday

2. Accompanied sis to the wet market to buy some dressed chicken.
3.Cooked 4 minute eggs
4.Baked some cookies.
5. Ate some cookies
6.Downloaded digiscrapbooking freebies
8.Surfed online

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1.grant people's wishes
2.Turn back time
3.Speak multiple languages fluently
4. Catch a falling star
5. travel around the world
6.Sky diving
7.bungee jumping
8. join Ms. Universe Pageant. jelir lol! ( just kidding)

8 Shows I Watch

I don't get to watch much TV. Sometimes just the news or cooking shows on cable.

8 People I Tag

1. Fitsi
3. Dee
4. Batang nars
6. Rossel


batang narS said...

pareha tayo ms anney..gsto makapagtravel sa wrld..sana sana..:)

Snow said...

Same here... I want to travel the world in 1 year. Kaso wala pang budget. ^_^

eden said...

travel around the world is also in my list. love to do it with my family . hope i win lotto someday..hahaha

have a nice sundya anney!

Dee said...

Hi Anney! Thanks so much for this tag! I think Rossel gave me one na din but I'm not so sure... But thanks very many pa rin! I'll post this soon! :D

Oh, about the Chicken Soup book, where can I find your email add to contact you? Thanks, Anney, and have a lovely Sunday! :D

ROSSEL said...

Hi anney! Thanks for tagging me but I did this already. Dfish gave me this tag.

Traveling around the world is everyone's dream yata...hehehe.

I have a friendship tag for you. You can do it whenever you are free.

Clarissa said...

trip mo rin bang mag-bungee jump??!!ako rin eh!!kaya lang baka pag nandun na ang lola mo sa taas eh ma-ihe ako sa nerbyos lol!ano ba yan?!pumanghe tuloy dito sa site mo lol!cencya na,nangungulit lang po!^_^

claire said...

thanks Anney.. will do this as soon as i'm free.. :)

Rose said...

aw kasama ako sa tag....
eheheeh thank you so much po ate...
i'll grab it tomorrow po...
thanks again po...

payatot said...

buying a new celfon, buying a tripod and camera lens..sana nga mabili mo yan para wala ka na problema....maluho masyado si tita anney...

pinayrichmom said...

I also wish I could turn back time!

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