Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A to Z about Me

Something for fun!
This is a meme from JM. Thanks for tagging me JM!

This is a long one! Just copy and paste then replace my answers with your own and tag as many of your friends as you'd like.

- Available: yep
- Age: what??
- Annoyance: nasty virus
- Beer: nope
- Birthday: in a few months
- Blind or Deaf: neither
- Best weather: Sunny
- Believe in Magic: nope
- Believe in Santa: when I was a kid
- Candy: chocolates, sour gummy worms, gummy bears, jelly beans
- Color: green, brown, black, white, fuchsia,
- Chocolate/Vanilla: into vanilla right now
- Chinese/Mexican Food: mexican
- Cake or pie: cake
- Continent to visit: Europe
- Cheese: don't like blue cheese
- Day or Night: night
- Dancing in the rain: Singing too!
- Eyes: black
- Everyone's got: an opinion
- Ever failed a class: nope
- First thoughts waking up: What time is it?
- Greatest Fear: gigitjarigigitjarigigitjari
- Goals: to live my life to the fullest, stay happy, healthy and have a family
- Gum: chewing one right now
- Get along with your parents: most of the time. It's me who's stubborn! hehehe!
- Hair Color: black
-Height: 5’4’’
- Happy: yes
- Holiday: Christmas
- How do you want to die: not planing it
- Ice Cream: love it
- Instrument: all of them
- Jewelry: earrings
- Job:less
hehehe! I'm Self Employed
- Kids: none, someday
- Kickboxing or karate: neither
-Keep a journal: kinda
- Love:doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile.
- Laughed so hard you cried:sometimes
-Milk flavor: yuk
- Movies: comedy
-Motion sickness: sometimes
McD’s or BK: both
- Number: 5
- One wish: a baby girl sengihnampakgigi
- Pepsi/Coke:Coke
- Perfect Pizza: with lots of toppings
- Piercings: ears
- Quail: duh
- Reality T.V.: I like watching
- Radio Station: whatever
- Roll your tongue in a circle: nope
- Ring size: don’t know
- Song: a lot
- Shoe size: 9
- Salad Dressing: Ranch
- Sushi: yes
- In the "Shower": I sing
- Strawberries/Blueberries: both
- Tattoos: none
- Time for bed: 12-1 A.M.
- Thunderstorms: I don't like it
- Unpredictable: sometimes
- Vacation spot(s): Europe
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you:none
- Worst feeling: constipated
- Worst Weather: heavy rain
- X-Rays: would be better if I had the super-power vision.
-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: is the color of my pee jelirjelir LOL

- is for:Zoom lens
- Zoo animal: Bears

I'm now tagging Beth, batang nars, Jhari, Dee, Liz, Pitsikin, Eds, Clarissa, Pinayrichmom and Vic
Or anyone who wants to grab this! Have fun!


idealpinkrose said...

at talaga namang from A~Z ang tanong hehehehehe...

♥peachkins♥ said...

ikaw Anney huh? tag ka ng tag..pag ikaw tinag ko...

Anney said...

oy pitsikin! hahaha! masarap nga gumawa ng tag lalo na pag wala ka ma post hehehe! Kala mo ha ta tag kita lageeeeee!!

Dee said...

Hi Anney! :D

Maraming salamat sa tag na ito. Talaga namang complete ito kasi A to Z, hehe. Ok ito, meron na naman akong ma ipo-post. Maraming salamat uli. :D

Clarissa said...

salamat po sa tag--naiipon na yata ang mga tags ko!! Ipo-post ko na lang pag ok na sched ko ha!!pasencya na po!

payatot said...

kids..none, someday...sana nga dumating na yun kung sino man sya magbibigay sayo ng kids..pero sempre kasal muna..

{ Jhari } said...

Thanks ate Anney. Done with it here.

claire said...

so cute.. i learn a lot about you!! can i snag this, please?? :)

Pinay Rich Mom said...

thanks for tagging me, Anney. :) will let you know if posted na rin sa site ko. Thanks again! mwah! :)

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