Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cinnamon Roll

I was craving for cinnamon roll today!! Sis and I went to Trinoma tonight to buy Cinnabon's Pecanbon. I ate some Ice cream too! I had Chunky cookie macadamia fudge. Yum! sengihnampakgigi I needed a break after all the dieting! hehehe!


JiLL said...

Cinnamon! Yum! I can't blame you for craving for a cinnamon roll for it is very delicious. :)

Hi..I find your blog interesting. Can we exchange links? I want to get updated of what's happening in you blog. Please reply if you're interested. Thanks

Anney said...

Hi Jill! I already added you to my blog list!

payatot said...

oi, teka! kumakain ba si bulilit o may tangay lang? si bulilit talaga, oo..

di pa ako nakakatikim ng cinnamon na yan ah..

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