Friday, December 26, 2008

Chocolate fountain

We first tried using the chocolate fountain during my Aunt's birthday. ( Dec. 13) It was a disaster! lol
She suggested using truffles chocolate since she brought a lot from California. She gave me a box of truffles. I told her it wasn't enough for us. She wouldn't give me another box so I sneaked one from the fridge. I used a double boiler to melt the chocolate. It was somewhat thick in consistency so I added some canola oil. I read a recipe for chocolate sauce that calls for canola oil. They say it helps the chocolate to flow smoothly and evenly, but somehow I noticed it curdled during the melting process. I just added some water but it didn't help. It curdled even more. Not sure what went wrong maybe it was the canola oil. Since I wanted to try the chocolate fountain to see if it was working I gave it a go. Instead of running smoothly, it looked like a volcano erupting with molten lava flowing. lol The chocolate was dripping so badly. My Aunt asked what went wrong. I just told her it was her truffles fault. hehehe! gile

We used the chocolate fountain today for our Christmas party. I bought some fountain dipping candy to make sure the chocolate fountain will work. It did! sengihnampakgigi

We had fruit platter ( strawberries, apples, bananas, pineapple and grapes) macaroons, wafer sticks, marshmallows and cinnamon sticks for dipping. The kids enjoyed it!

My Aunt

Ykaie Enjoying her chocolate dipped strawberry

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